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Friday, November 1, 2013

Week of 10/31/13 Review

This week was Halloween week!! This week was only four days long. This week I had a lot of homework and projects, but this weekend I finally don’t have loads of it. I had 4 tests this week with 3 on the same day, as well as a few big projects such as the horror story. On Thursday I didn't dress up because I had no time to make a costume with all my homework and soccer practice. I enjoyed seeing everyone dress up. After school I went home and decorated the front yard. I put up huge spider webs and a huge spider, as well as hung up some skeletons from the windows and door. We had some friends and family over and had a great time. Trick-or-Treaters were astonished at the 380-pound pumpkin we had in our yard. I enjoyed myself a lot and liked seeing the little kids with their costumes.

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