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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week of 10/25/13 Review

This week was okay. I really enjoyed the Trial we did in English class. I look forward to continuing it on Monday.  Saturday was a great day for me. There were three big sports events on Saturday.  There were two soccer games I was interested in, El Classico, a famous game that happens twice a year between the worlds to biggest teams, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.  The other game was between a not so famous Celta de Vigo vs. a more popular team, Malaga.  Celta won 5-0, a stunning result and Barcelona won 2-1 in this clash. The other event was I had a soccer tryout for Magic and I did extremely well playing as a center striker, which is not my usual position.  I scored a goal, created several opportunities and just did extremely well overall. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week of 10/18/13 Review

This week went by rather quickly. On Monday we had the day off for Columbus Day, which was greatly appreciated. I cant remember what I did but I am very glad because it was a day off, which meant I got to sleep longer. On Wednesday we had almost like a half day for the freshmen. We got to arrive to school at 11:50 because sophomores, juniors were taking some sort of test. Seniors just completely ditched and didn’t go for the 3 hours. On Tuesday I went to watch the varsity soccer team’s game against lane tech. Lane won but it was a really close game that could have resulted differently based off the referees decision, because he called the game early due to it taking longer than expected.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week of 10/13/13 Review

This week was good for the most part. We lost in the soccer quarterfinals for city against lane tech 1-0. This week was also spirit week. On the first day, which was PJ day, I didn’t participate because I had completely forgotten. On twin day, we had a game and I wore my soccer warm-ups, as did some other kids on the team. Superhero day I wore a cape with a Barcelona jacket and acted as Barcelona’s saving grace. On Thursday I wore green for freshmen colors and Friday I wore blue with an orange scarf for spirit day. Later I went to the game in which WY played a horrible football team, and on Saturday I went to the dance.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Group tweets

Lindsey Pigott
Jabari Brooks
Forrest Haydon
Ike Maina
The Crucible Twitterature

Character: Narrator: Crucible_Narrator
Tituba: Barbadostituba
Parris: Paris_Godpraise
Abigail: Abbygirl
Susana: Susana_Walcott
Mrs. Putnam: Putnamwife
Putnam: Putna
Mercy: pretty_mercy
Mary Warren: Warrenmary
Betty: Betty
Proctor: Farmlife_proctor
Rebecca Nurse: Nurse_rebecca
Giles Corey: oldmangiles
Reverend Hale: ReverendHale
Elizabeth: lovelylizzy
Francis Nurse: Nurse_francis
Sarah Good: goodgirlsarah
Deputy Govenor Danforth: deputydanforth
Ezekiel Cheever: Cheevonator

Act 1

1. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
So I was walking around in this room, and I accidently bumped into this dad sobbing over this little girl’s body! #weirdday
2. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
Just met that @Paris_Godpraise…….but what’s wrong with @Betty
3. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
4. Tituba @Barbadostituba
Oh no! I hope she feels better soon! #prayersforBetty
5. Abigail @Abbygirl
Uncle, @Susana_Walcott is here from Doc Griggs.
6. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
So…….@Susana_Walcott what did the doc say!
7. Susana @Susana_Walcott
….he couldn’t find a cure #sorry #don’tkillthemessenger
8. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
Well, tell him to keep looking. #hoping
9. Susana @Susana_Walcott
Of course ;)
10. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
@Susana_Walcott no witches in Salem #comprende
11. Susana @Susana_Walcott
No problem #ttyl
12. Abigail @Abbygirl
You should probs deny those rumors @Paris_Godpraise, people are getting worried
13. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
Ooooooh, Parris is getting mad as h***
14. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
What do you want me to say @Abbygirl that I found you and @Betty dancing in the forest?? #truth
15. Abigail @Abbygirl
@Paris_Godpraise that was just dancing and @Betty is not bewitched  #growup
16. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
don’t take that tone with me
17. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
Damn Abigail’s gonna cry
18.Abigail @Abbygirl
I love @Betty, I would never hurt her.
19. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
Whatever @Abbygirl…’ll get what you deserve eventually, but now I will get hurt for your actions
20. Abigail @Abbygirl
it doesn’t change the fact that we didn’t conjure spirits @Paris_Godpraise we were having fun
21. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
You call what happened to @Betty fun!!! and why did I see someone naked
22. Abigail @Abbygirl
Excuse me @Paris_Godpraise what have I one for you to think this??
23. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
@Abbygirl well you can start by explaining why you got fired!
24. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
25. Abigail @Abbygirl
Maybe it because she hates me @Paris_Godpraise Omg I’ve told you this so many times
26. Abigail @Abbygirl
Some goodies need to keep their mouth shut #truth
27. Mrs.Putnam @Putnamwife
Well, well, well what’s going on here
28. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
Absolutely nothing @Mrs.Putnam so you should scram
29. Mrs.Putnam @Putnamwife
Just wanted to see if she was ill like ruth @Paris_Godplease
30. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
@Putnamwife i’m sorry that ruth is sick but do not jump til witch craft
31.Putnam @Putnam
Do I hear witchcraft?
32. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
Oh snap Putnam’s on the trail
33. Mrs.Putnam @Putnamwife
Yes, he does because I have buried 7 children because of witchcraft. I blame @Barbadostituba
34. Tituba @Barbadostituba
Why me I have done nothing wrong
35. Abigail @Abbygirl
Yes, @Barbadostituba did, she made Betty and I perform witchcraft and now she won’t wake up.
36. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
Nobody performed witch craft. Now everybody get OUT.
37. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
You go Parris
38. Betty @Betty
@Abbygirl what do we do?
39. Abigail @Abbygirl
@Betty we stay quiet.
40. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
Oh looks here come John Proctor #trouble
41. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
Well what’s the ruckus about
42. Abigail @Abbygirl
Nothing much @Farmlife_proctor wow you’re looking good today #sizzle
43. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
………..thanks @Abbygirl
44. Abigail @Abbygirl
Don’t mention it @Farmlife_proctor
45. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
trust me I won’t @Abbygirl
46. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
47. Abigail @Abbygirl
People need to admit their feelings #truth
48. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
49. Betty @Betty
50. Mrs.Putnam @Putnamwife
I knew she was a witch she can’t stand the Lord’s name #caught
51.Paris @Paris_GodPraise
@pretty_mercy yo get the doctor! #that frantic screaming life
52.Putnam @Putnam
#thinking you a witch finder now
53. Paris @Paris_GodPraise
o snappp she can’t hear god’s name anymore #that deaf life.
54. Giles Corey @oldmangiles
dang that girl can fly right?
55. Putnam @Putnam
@Putnam shut yo mouth and get your life fool.
56. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
@Nurse_rebecca #lady with a rich baby dady.
57. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
#b**ches be like lets start a war in the forest.
58. Mrs.Putnam @Putnamwife
what you do girl?! #that wtf face.
59.Putnam @Putnam
@Nurse_rebecca #if you can work one miracle you can work two shawty…. aka get to my daughter.
60. Paris @Paris_GodPraise
At the end of the day its like this I say there isn't a devil in this place but #haters gonna hate.
61. Proctor @Farmlife_Proctor
@Paris_PraiseGod #im going to let you finish but that minister is the best witch searcher yet.
62. Paris @Paris_GodPraise
@Farmlife_Proctor shut your goofing a** he isnt coming for witches! #wannabe Kanye
63. Rebecca Nurse @Nurse_rebecca
Lets not talk about spirits right about now people chill and blame yourselves-
64. Putnam @Putnam
@Nurse_rebecca your going to have to hold up there because I still lost some sons. #daddy problems.
65. Putnam @Putnam
@Parris_PraiseGod bro like im going to need you to just let that minister do what he do.
66. Proctor @Farmlife_Proctor
@Putnam straight up man nobody got time for making commands. #oo he think he big and bad now.
67.Putnam @Putnam
@Farmlife_Proctor #yo non church going self.
68. Proctor @Farmlife_Proctor
#the cowardly lion. @Parris_PraiseGod boy you the one making church ratchet.
69.Parris @Parris_PraiseGod
#lets play the game how many times can @Farmlife_Proctor interrupt me.
So half of Salem is-
70.Proctor @Farmlife_Proctor
@Paris_God Praise  bro try
71. Parris @Parris_PraiseGod
@Proctor @Farmlife_Proctor #ur winning. And where my wood at?
72. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
they all keep arguing then they leave, and now this dude Hale comes #that witch hunter tho.
73. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
@ReverendHale #comes packin.
74. Putnam @Putnam
@ReverendHale can you save my daughter too?
75. Reverend Hale @Reverendhale
dang seem like everyone sweating me in this town smh. #witches gone wild.
76. Parris @Paris_GodPraise
ummm lets not forget what we came for.. my daughter people thanku. She tried to fly bro.
77. Reverend Hale @Reverndhale
@Parris_PraiseGod hold up buddy did u jus say fly?
78. Putnam @Putnam
@Reverendhale Aye bro she #deaf when the lord comes to play sooo #you can stop searching for witch on google because she is your witch.
79. Reverend Hale @Reveendhale
Ummm I didnt know you were a witch hunter? Well I am and that isnt a sign yet!
80. Parris @Parris_GodPraise
yes someone finally speaks some sense.
Mrs. Putnam @WifePutnam
Them slaves know that young witchcraft! #Mr. and Mrs. Interruptor smh.
81. Giles Correy @Oldmangiles
@Revernhale low key my wife reading some sketchy books.
82. Reverend Hale @Reverendhale
@Oldmangiles… and? thats not really a bad thing so-
83. Giles Correy @Oldmangiles
@Reverendhale but everytime she in the room im like #no prayers no prayers no prayers  no no no.
84. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
@OldmanGiles gets nothing but people assuming he doing bad. #thestruggle
85.Parris @Paris_GodPraise
o lordy what the devil want with my kid?!
86. Reverend Hale @Reverend Hale
Duh devil like its victims clean and innocent.
87. Giles Correy @Oldmangiles
@Reverendhale #preaching to the choir.
88. Reverend Hale @Reverendhale
@Abbygirl what dances were y’all doin?
89. Abigal @Abbygirl
#no twearking. Just the regular stuff.
90. Reverend Hale @Reverendhale
lets just interrogate her and shake her till she start dropping names and info.
91. Abigail @Abbygirl
screw it #setting that truth free @Barbadostituba making me drink that chicken blood. #thirstquencher.
92. Tituba @Barbadostituba
@Abbygirl why you tweaking right now, I don't make you do crap.!
93. Reverend Hale @Reverendhale
@Barbadostituba woman did you sign them papers to the devil?
94. Tituba @Barbadostituba
#its time to play that blame game. No I didnt someone else hexing yo kids.
95. Tituba @Barbadostituba
#thinking of some lies.
96. Tituba @Barbadostituba
#epiphany & #dropping names. It was Sarah Good, and Osbourn.
97. Abigail @Abbygirl
#follower, I saw Sarah, Osbourn, and Bridget. #let the snitches be for ever in your favor.
98. Betty @Betty
#B**ch you basic. Talking about some I saw Martha, Howe, and Allice.
99. Parris @Parris_PraiseGod.
yay she spoke!
100. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
#old mac salem had h**ll of snitches!

Act 2
101. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
@Farmlife_proctor enter his house, @lovelylizzy confronts him
102. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor why r u so late
103.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy to town, checking on the crops, try’in to please u #hardtoplease
104. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor no, ur just acting wierd #whatswrong
105. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy nothin
106. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor tell me #husbandtroubles
107.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy r u sad or something? #badday
108. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor just u come home late, thought you gones salem with @Warrenmary
109. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy no i didnt. why did u let her go, she has to obey you #command #boss
110. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor I tried, she stubborn
111. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy try harder
112. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor She left to court, 14 ppl in jail for #witchcraft
113.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy Why its not true, no 1 is guilty #innocent, she a snake
114. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor too tru, i #agree
115. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy wat is there to do??? #worried #confused
116. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor tru, go to salem and tell them #dotherightthing #noexcuse
117.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy maybe, let me think. she to #popular to go against
118.Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor so U hold a soft spot for her #traitor #husbandsh!t
119.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy shut up! stop always freakin judging me!!! #judgemental
120.Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor u suck #leaving
121. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy, @Warrenmary joinig the convo
122.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@Warrenmary where u been? #backlate
123. Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy court is #crazy not 14 but 39 #witchcraft will be hanged, @goodgirlsarah too
124.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary NO Proof #innocent until proven, deputy #crazy. @goodgirlsarah why her?
125. Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy she confessed to treating w/ devil, tried to choke us all
126.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary no way. don’t #belive, she never done no wrong #justice
127.Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy she said she dealt with him #godhelp
128. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary u didn’t accuse her? #loyalty
129. Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy tried to kill me #scaredasf*ck, tried #kill me before too
130. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary DID U ACCUSE HER?
131. Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy no, im no snake
132. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary Wheres the #proof??? Madness in Salem
133.Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy will be gone all next week to trails, sry #busy
134.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary no, ur not leaving again or i’ll have to beat u #whooping
135.Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy plz no, saved @lovelylizzy life, she accused i said no
136.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary Who accused her? #traitor, thx so much @Warrenmary
137. Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy can’t say, court order, cant stop now #dilema
138. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor @Warrenmary THX SO MUCH, i owe u #thankgod
139. Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy others will be hung, death is ready #devilswork
140.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary surley not this early on?
141. Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy yes, what to do??? ahhhh #worried #scared #confused
142.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary calm down, will talk to @Cheevonator
143.Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor @Warrenmary we need more help than @Cheevonator, go to @Abbygirl
144. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary why?!? can’t help
145. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor @Warrenmary she likes u, convince her its all a mistake #doyourpart
146.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary Maybe. @ReverendHale joining the convo
147.Reverend Hale  @ReverendHale
@Farmlife_proctor Ur wife /@Nurse_rebecca mentiond, plus u never @church, answer my q’s
148. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@ReverendHale have no right to be suspicious, i am an honest man #respect
149.Reverend Hale  @ReverendHale
@Farmlife_proctor r u worried u cant answer Q’s #fear #caaught
150. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@ReverendHale No, I will. DOnt go to church b/c I am busy, and @lovelylizzy is sick alot

151. Hale @ReverendHale
Heard the story, @ Farmlife_proctor ignoring coming being alone #loney
152. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
@ReverendHale Tried coming but prayed when unable #closeenough
153.Hale @ReverendHale
@Farmlife_proctor #notgoodenough
154.Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
How am I bad compared to @Paris_Godpraise #PRAISECANDLES
155.Hale @ReverendHale
@Farmlife_proctor Bring children to @Paris_Godpraise #baptism #noexcuses
156.Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
@Paris_Godpraise wouldn’t touch my child #notouchy
157.Hale @ReverendHale
@Farmlife_proctor #hidingfromGOD
158. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
@ReverendHale #faultingtrust
159. Hale @ReverendHale
@Farmlife_proctor #nohardfeelings #yes
160. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
Knows Bible in and out #knowledge #holiness #commandments
161. Hale @ReverendHale
@Farmlife_proctor Tell them #nogoogling #challenge #commandments
162. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
#nokill #nosteal #nostealneighbor #nobadimage #noOMG #1God #Sabbath #honorparents #nolies #nobadimage
163. Elizabeth @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor Only 9 #adultry
164. Hale @ReverendHale
#embarrassment #challenge #fail #goodnight
165. Elizabeth @lovelylizzy
@ReverendHale Leaving me in the dark #runningaway
166. Hale @ReverendHale
Children are okay@lizzy #nospottingwitchcraft #evasive #goodnight
167. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
@Abbygirl found sickness #nowitchcraft
168. Hale @ReverendHale
@Farmlife_proctor People admitted to it #witches #amongus
169.Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
Fear of the noose prevents the truth #deathfears
170. Hale @ReverendHale
171. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
#yes no maybe so #Bible proof #lies
172. Elizabeth @lovelylizzy
173. Hale @ReverendHale
@lovelylizzy Have we found a witch? #WITCH?!
174. Elizabeth @lovelylizzy
@ReverendHale Support the #NO
175.Giles @oldmangiles
@ReverendHale My family has been put in jail #sadday
176. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
@Nurse_francis walking up to @ReverendHale #takeyourtime
177. Francis Nurse @Nurse_francis
@ReverendHale Why not clean up the mistakes of@deputydanforth #bethebetterman #
178.Hale @ReverendHale
What is @oldmangiles wife being charged? #questions #rareanswers
179. Francis Nurse @Nurse_francis
@Putnamwife baby death #sentence #MURDER
180. Hale @ReverendHale
Believe it court system #freewoman #justice #freedom
181. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
Enter @Chevonator to the room #shocked silence
182. Cheeves @ Cheevonator
To all #goodevening @Farmlife_proctor Your wife is drawn to court #BadNews #warrant #sorry
183. Proctor @ Farmlife_proctor
@Cheevonator Promised no charges and who did it
184. Cheeves @Cheevonator
@Abbygirl charged her @lovelylizzy do you have any poppets
185. Elizabeth @lovelylizzy
@Cheevonator I have no poppets except for @Warrenmary
186.Cheever @Cheevonator
@lovelylizzy Would you please come with me #questioning
187. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
@Cheevonator NO @lovelylizzy Get me @Warrenmary
188. Hale @ReverendHale
@Cheevonator What does a poppet signify?
189. Cheever @Cheevonator
@ReverendHale Just see the blade #hiddenblade #poppet blade
190. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
@lovelylizzy coming along @Warrenmary
191. Cheever @Cheevonator
@Warrenmary With the blade in this doll did attempt to kill @Abbygirl #questioning
192. Mary Warren @Warrenmary
@Cheevonator No for I was sewing in court with the needle
193. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
@Farmlife_proctor has torn up the warrant for @lovelylizzy arrest
194. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
What makes the accuser holy? #onesidedfight
195. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
@lovelylizzy is being taken into custody #rightinthefeels
196. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
@ReverendHale You coward! You did not help us! #therunaway #coward #nocourage
197. Hale @ReverendHale
I apologize @Farmlife_proctor I hope God helps you through
198. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
@Warrenmary You must testify against @Abbygirl #knowerofthetruth
199. Mary Warren @Warrenmary
I cannot @Farmlife_proctor for they would hate me #HATE #noloveonbothsides
200. Proctor @ Farmlife_proctor
@Warrenmary Why will you not give everyone piece?! #endit