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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week of 2/14/14 Review

This week wasn't so great. I got sick last weekend, so on Monday I went to school for the first 3 periods.  Then on Tuesday I went to school for the second half of the day. On wednesday I was still sick, and there was no school, but I had to go to Track practice in the afternoon. We ran outside for more than an hour at with most of it being at race pace. During the run, 2 kids vomited, and afterward a few others did due to the intensity of the workout. After practice I felt really weak and had to go to the bathroom multiple times, because of diarrhea and when I got home I also vomited twice. I didn't end up going to school on Thursday, and stayed home sick. I finally went back to school on Friday and was feeling much better. By Saturday I was feeling almost fully recovered so I decided to go to the meet with the team. I arrived on saturday, we had a light practice and then all ate together and went to the meet. At the meet I was amazed at the speed of some of the people running. Toward the end I ran the mile in 5min 32sec. Finally at the last event, I replaced another kid for the 4x400meter race. I began running at a full sprint and soon realized that I was going to get tired but continued running anyway. At about 300meters I was in second and the only person in front of me was none other than Kolani Cole. We had his friendly rivalry going all of 7th and 8th grade and he was faster at any of the shorter distances. With about 100 meters left, I let out a grunt, funneling all my energy into passing him. I just barely managed to pass him and had about 75 meters left which I ran like I have never run before. I reached the finish line first and passed the baton to Anthony.  From there he ran and passed it to Brandon, who finally passed it to Keduse for the final leg. Keduse grabbed the baton and was second and about 5ft behind the other kid from Kenwood. The other kid had terrible form and after 200meters Keduse was leading by a little bit, and he kept going at it and Whitney won the race. All of us running were freshmen, and had managed to beat other freshmen, sophomore, juniors and seniors. It was amazing and we were all extremely happy. Whitney got 2nd at the meet overall, with St. Ignatius winning first.

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