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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Week of 3/28/14

This week ended terribly. I have been sick with a cough all week and it got worse on Wednesday and Thursday so I couldn't go to a track meet on Friday in which I was scheduled to run three different events, the 400meters in a medley, 4x800meter relay and the 4x400meter relay.  I was hoping to break my PR in the 800 and possibly in one of the 400meter races. It has been extremely frustrating that I have missed the last 3 meets, two because I was sick and one because of soccer. I know that my times would be so much faster had I run at least two of these.
Anyway, in English we are finishing our story, which I feel I should have worked more on. We are also starting a research project on crowdsourcing which I am very excited about.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Week of 3/21/14 Review

This week has been ok. Yesterday on thursday I woke up a little sick, with a sore throat. Today i'm not in school, which is why I am doing my review so early. I can't wait till spring break, as private schools such as the Lab school are already out. I would really like a break right now. Also, I have 3rd quarter grades next week, and I need to talk to some of my teachers.
The champions league is going on now, and I hope that Barcelona beats Athletico Madrid, and make it to the final 4.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week of 3/15/14 Review

This week was my birthday. I spent the day relaxing after school and then we went out for dinner at a restaurant. I also had a model UN conference at the University of Illinois. It went ok, I didn't win anything, but considering the winners were upper class men I'm fine with that. It  took place friday evening, all of saturday and half the day sunday. I am glad to be back as it was a very tiring experience, but I've been doing HW since I've arrived.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Week of 3/8/14 Review

This week went ok. We had a pep rally for the girls basketball which went well for the most part. In world studies we got to see a music presentation from the middle east which was interesting. I also had a meet this weekend in which I did extremely well in. In english, the story is doing well, and the class is getting along well with it. I am looking forward to see what the story will be like, and how other classes will do it. My birthday is next week, which I am very happy about.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Week of 3/1/14 Review

This week went ok. I had a sub in Ms. Chhabra's class for two days which I was happy about. In english we have been writing our stories, and I finally completed most of it. Originally I had written about another seminal event, but it took place in the course of a week which was much too long for this.  I ended up switching, but never really got around to writing more than half a page, but now i have a fairly solid three. I had soccer this weekend which went well, and a lot of track as usual. I think thats it for this week.