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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Week of 3/28/14

This week ended terribly. I have been sick with a cough all week and it got worse on Wednesday and Thursday so I couldn't go to a track meet on Friday in which I was scheduled to run three different events, the 400meters in a medley, 4x800meter relay and the 4x400meter relay.  I was hoping to break my PR in the 800 and possibly in one of the 400meter races. It has been extremely frustrating that I have missed the last 3 meets, two because I was sick and one because of soccer. I know that my times would be so much faster had I run at least two of these.
Anyway, in English we are finishing our story, which I feel I should have worked more on. We are also starting a research project on crowdsourcing which I am very excited about.

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