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Friday, October 11, 2013

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Lindsey Pigott
Jabari Brooks
Forrest Haydon
Ike Maina
The Crucible Twitterature

Character: Narrator: Crucible_Narrator
Tituba: Barbadostituba
Parris: Paris_Godpraise
Abigail: Abbygirl
Susana: Susana_Walcott
Mrs. Putnam: Putnamwife
Putnam: Putna
Mercy: pretty_mercy
Mary Warren: Warrenmary
Betty: Betty
Proctor: Farmlife_proctor
Rebecca Nurse: Nurse_rebecca
Giles Corey: oldmangiles
Reverend Hale: ReverendHale
Elizabeth: lovelylizzy
Francis Nurse: Nurse_francis
Sarah Good: goodgirlsarah
Deputy Govenor Danforth: deputydanforth
Ezekiel Cheever: Cheevonator

Act 1

1. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
So I was walking around in this room, and I accidently bumped into this dad sobbing over this little girl’s body! #weirdday
2. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
Just met that @Paris_Godpraise…….but what’s wrong with @Betty
3. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
4. Tituba @Barbadostituba
Oh no! I hope she feels better soon! #prayersforBetty
5. Abigail @Abbygirl
Uncle, @Susana_Walcott is here from Doc Griggs.
6. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
So…….@Susana_Walcott what did the doc say!
7. Susana @Susana_Walcott
….he couldn’t find a cure #sorry #don’tkillthemessenger
8. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
Well, tell him to keep looking. #hoping
9. Susana @Susana_Walcott
Of course ;)
10. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
@Susana_Walcott no witches in Salem #comprende
11. Susana @Susana_Walcott
No problem #ttyl
12. Abigail @Abbygirl
You should probs deny those rumors @Paris_Godpraise, people are getting worried
13. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
Ooooooh, Parris is getting mad as h***
14. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
What do you want me to say @Abbygirl that I found you and @Betty dancing in the forest?? #truth
15. Abigail @Abbygirl
@Paris_Godpraise that was just dancing and @Betty is not bewitched  #growup
16. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
don’t take that tone with me
17. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
Damn Abigail’s gonna cry
18.Abigail @Abbygirl
I love @Betty, I would never hurt her.
19. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
Whatever @Abbygirl…’ll get what you deserve eventually, but now I will get hurt for your actions
20. Abigail @Abbygirl
it doesn’t change the fact that we didn’t conjure spirits @Paris_Godpraise we were having fun
21. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
You call what happened to @Betty fun!!! and why did I see someone naked
22. Abigail @Abbygirl
Excuse me @Paris_Godpraise what have I one for you to think this??
23. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
@Abbygirl well you can start by explaining why you got fired!
24. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
25. Abigail @Abbygirl
Maybe it because she hates me @Paris_Godpraise Omg I’ve told you this so many times
26. Abigail @Abbygirl
Some goodies need to keep their mouth shut #truth
27. Mrs.Putnam @Putnamwife
Well, well, well what’s going on here
28. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
Absolutely nothing @Mrs.Putnam so you should scram
29. Mrs.Putnam @Putnamwife
Just wanted to see if she was ill like ruth @Paris_Godplease
30. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
@Putnamwife i’m sorry that ruth is sick but do not jump til witch craft
31.Putnam @Putnam
Do I hear witchcraft?
32. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
Oh snap Putnam’s on the trail
33. Mrs.Putnam @Putnamwife
Yes, he does because I have buried 7 children because of witchcraft. I blame @Barbadostituba
34. Tituba @Barbadostituba
Why me I have done nothing wrong
35. Abigail @Abbygirl
Yes, @Barbadostituba did, she made Betty and I perform witchcraft and now she won’t wake up.
36. Parris @Paris_Godpraise
Nobody performed witch craft. Now everybody get OUT.
37. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
You go Parris
38. Betty @Betty
@Abbygirl what do we do?
39. Abigail @Abbygirl
@Betty we stay quiet.
40. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
Oh looks here come John Proctor #trouble
41. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
Well what’s the ruckus about
42. Abigail @Abbygirl
Nothing much @Farmlife_proctor wow you’re looking good today #sizzle
43. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
………..thanks @Abbygirl
44. Abigail @Abbygirl
Don’t mention it @Farmlife_proctor
45. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
trust me I won’t @Abbygirl
46. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
47. Abigail @Abbygirl
People need to admit their feelings #truth
48. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
49. Betty @Betty
50. Mrs.Putnam @Putnamwife
I knew she was a witch she can’t stand the Lord’s name #caught
51.Paris @Paris_GodPraise
@pretty_mercy yo get the doctor! #that frantic screaming life
52.Putnam @Putnam
#thinking you a witch finder now
53. Paris @Paris_GodPraise
o snappp she can’t hear god’s name anymore #that deaf life.
54. Giles Corey @oldmangiles
dang that girl can fly right?
55. Putnam @Putnam
@Putnam shut yo mouth and get your life fool.
56. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
@Nurse_rebecca #lady with a rich baby dady.
57. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
#b**ches be like lets start a war in the forest.
58. Mrs.Putnam @Putnamwife
what you do girl?! #that wtf face.
59.Putnam @Putnam
@Nurse_rebecca #if you can work one miracle you can work two shawty…. aka get to my daughter.
60. Paris @Paris_GodPraise
At the end of the day its like this I say there isn't a devil in this place but #haters gonna hate.
61. Proctor @Farmlife_Proctor
@Paris_PraiseGod #im going to let you finish but that minister is the best witch searcher yet.
62. Paris @Paris_GodPraise
@Farmlife_Proctor shut your goofing a** he isnt coming for witches! #wannabe Kanye
63. Rebecca Nurse @Nurse_rebecca
Lets not talk about spirits right about now people chill and blame yourselves-
64. Putnam @Putnam
@Nurse_rebecca your going to have to hold up there because I still lost some sons. #daddy problems.
65. Putnam @Putnam
@Parris_PraiseGod bro like im going to need you to just let that minister do what he do.
66. Proctor @Farmlife_Proctor
@Putnam straight up man nobody got time for making commands. #oo he think he big and bad now.
67.Putnam @Putnam
@Farmlife_Proctor #yo non church going self.
68. Proctor @Farmlife_Proctor
#the cowardly lion. @Parris_PraiseGod boy you the one making church ratchet.
69.Parris @Parris_PraiseGod
#lets play the game how many times can @Farmlife_Proctor interrupt me.
So half of Salem is-
70.Proctor @Farmlife_Proctor
@Paris_God Praise  bro try
71. Parris @Parris_PraiseGod
@Proctor @Farmlife_Proctor #ur winning. And where my wood at?
72. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
they all keep arguing then they leave, and now this dude Hale comes #that witch hunter tho.
73. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
@ReverendHale #comes packin.
74. Putnam @Putnam
@ReverendHale can you save my daughter too?
75. Reverend Hale @Reverendhale
dang seem like everyone sweating me in this town smh. #witches gone wild.
76. Parris @Paris_GodPraise
ummm lets not forget what we came for.. my daughter people thanku. She tried to fly bro.
77. Reverend Hale @Reverndhale
@Parris_PraiseGod hold up buddy did u jus say fly?
78. Putnam @Putnam
@Reverendhale Aye bro she #deaf when the lord comes to play sooo #you can stop searching for witch on google because she is your witch.
79. Reverend Hale @Reveendhale
Ummm I didnt know you were a witch hunter? Well I am and that isnt a sign yet!
80. Parris @Parris_GodPraise
yes someone finally speaks some sense.
Mrs. Putnam @WifePutnam
Them slaves know that young witchcraft! #Mr. and Mrs. Interruptor smh.
81. Giles Correy @Oldmangiles
@Revernhale low key my wife reading some sketchy books.
82. Reverend Hale @Reverendhale
@Oldmangiles… and? thats not really a bad thing so-
83. Giles Correy @Oldmangiles
@Reverendhale but everytime she in the room im like #no prayers no prayers no prayers  no no no.
84. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
@OldmanGiles gets nothing but people assuming he doing bad. #thestruggle
85.Parris @Paris_GodPraise
o lordy what the devil want with my kid?!
86. Reverend Hale @Reverend Hale
Duh devil like its victims clean and innocent.
87. Giles Correy @Oldmangiles
@Reverendhale #preaching to the choir.
88. Reverend Hale @Reverendhale
@Abbygirl what dances were y’all doin?
89. Abigal @Abbygirl
#no twearking. Just the regular stuff.
90. Reverend Hale @Reverendhale
lets just interrogate her and shake her till she start dropping names and info.
91. Abigail @Abbygirl
screw it #setting that truth free @Barbadostituba making me drink that chicken blood. #thirstquencher.
92. Tituba @Barbadostituba
@Abbygirl why you tweaking right now, I don't make you do crap.!
93. Reverend Hale @Reverendhale
@Barbadostituba woman did you sign them papers to the devil?
94. Tituba @Barbadostituba
#its time to play that blame game. No I didnt someone else hexing yo kids.
95. Tituba @Barbadostituba
#thinking of some lies.
96. Tituba @Barbadostituba
#epiphany & #dropping names. It was Sarah Good, and Osbourn.
97. Abigail @Abbygirl
#follower, I saw Sarah, Osbourn, and Bridget. #let the snitches be for ever in your favor.
98. Betty @Betty
#B**ch you basic. Talking about some I saw Martha, Howe, and Allice.
99. Parris @Parris_PraiseGod.
yay she spoke!
100. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
#old mac salem had h**ll of snitches!

Act 2
101. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
@Farmlife_proctor enter his house, @lovelylizzy confronts him
102. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor why r u so late
103.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy to town, checking on the crops, try’in to please u #hardtoplease
104. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor no, ur just acting wierd #whatswrong
105. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy nothin
106. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor tell me #husbandtroubles
107.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy r u sad or something? #badday
108. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor just u come home late, thought you gones salem with @Warrenmary
109. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy no i didnt. why did u let her go, she has to obey you #command #boss
110. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor I tried, she stubborn
111. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy try harder
112. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor She left to court, 14 ppl in jail for #witchcraft
113.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy Why its not true, no 1 is guilty #innocent, she a snake
114. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor too tru, i #agree
115. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy wat is there to do??? #worried #confused
116. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor tru, go to salem and tell them #dotherightthing #noexcuse
117.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy maybe, let me think. she to #popular to go against
118.Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor so U hold a soft spot for her #traitor #husbandsh!t
119.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy shut up! stop always freakin judging me!!! #judgemental
120.Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor u suck #leaving
121. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy, @Warrenmary joinig the convo
122.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@Warrenmary where u been? #backlate
123. Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy court is #crazy not 14 but 39 #witchcraft will be hanged, @goodgirlsarah too
124.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary NO Proof #innocent until proven, deputy #crazy. @goodgirlsarah why her?
125. Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy she confessed to treating w/ devil, tried to choke us all
126.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary no way. don’t #belive, she never done no wrong #justice
127.Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy she said she dealt with him #godhelp
128. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary u didn’t accuse her? #loyalty
129. Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy tried to kill me #scaredasf*ck, tried #kill me before too
130. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary DID U ACCUSE HER?
131. Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy no, im no snake
132. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary Wheres the #proof??? Madness in Salem
133.Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy will be gone all next week to trails, sry #busy
134.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary no, ur not leaving again or i’ll have to beat u #whooping
135.Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy plz no, saved @lovelylizzy life, she accused i said no
136.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary Who accused her? #traitor, thx so much @Warrenmary
137. Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy can’t say, court order, cant stop now #dilema
138. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor @Warrenmary THX SO MUCH, i owe u #thankgod
139. Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy others will be hung, death is ready #devilswork
140.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary surley not this early on?
141. Mary Warren  @Warrenmary
@Farmlife_proctor @lovelylizzy yes, what to do??? ahhhh #worried #scared #confused
142.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary calm down, will talk to @Cheevonator
143.Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor @Warrenmary we need more help than @Cheevonator, go to @Abbygirl
144. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary why?!? can’t help
145. Elizabeth  @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor @Warrenmary she likes u, convince her its all a mistake #doyourpart
146.Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@lovelylizzy @Warrenmary Maybe. @ReverendHale joining the convo
147.Reverend Hale  @ReverendHale
@Farmlife_proctor Ur wife /@Nurse_rebecca mentiond, plus u never @church, answer my q’s
148. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@ReverendHale have no right to be suspicious, i am an honest man #respect
149.Reverend Hale  @ReverendHale
@Farmlife_proctor r u worried u cant answer Q’s #fear #caaught
150. Proctor  @Farmlife_proctor
@ReverendHale No, I will. DOnt go to church b/c I am busy, and @lovelylizzy is sick alot

151. Hale @ReverendHale
Heard the story, @ Farmlife_proctor ignoring coming being alone #loney
152. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
@ReverendHale Tried coming but prayed when unable #closeenough
153.Hale @ReverendHale
@Farmlife_proctor #notgoodenough
154.Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
How am I bad compared to @Paris_Godpraise #PRAISECANDLES
155.Hale @ReverendHale
@Farmlife_proctor Bring children to @Paris_Godpraise #baptism #noexcuses
156.Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
@Paris_Godpraise wouldn’t touch my child #notouchy
157.Hale @ReverendHale
@Farmlife_proctor #hidingfromGOD
158. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
@ReverendHale #faultingtrust
159. Hale @ReverendHale
@Farmlife_proctor #nohardfeelings #yes
160. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
Knows Bible in and out #knowledge #holiness #commandments
161. Hale @ReverendHale
@Farmlife_proctor Tell them #nogoogling #challenge #commandments
162. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
#nokill #nosteal #nostealneighbor #nobadimage #noOMG #1God #Sabbath #honorparents #nolies #nobadimage
163. Elizabeth @lovelylizzy
@Farmlife_proctor Only 9 #adultry
164. Hale @ReverendHale
#embarrassment #challenge #fail #goodnight
165. Elizabeth @lovelylizzy
@ReverendHale Leaving me in the dark #runningaway
166. Hale @ReverendHale
Children are okay@lizzy #nospottingwitchcraft #evasive #goodnight
167. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
@Abbygirl found sickness #nowitchcraft
168. Hale @ReverendHale
@Farmlife_proctor People admitted to it #witches #amongus
169.Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
Fear of the noose prevents the truth #deathfears
170. Hale @ReverendHale
171. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
#yes no maybe so #Bible proof #lies
172. Elizabeth @lovelylizzy
173. Hale @ReverendHale
@lovelylizzy Have we found a witch? #WITCH?!
174. Elizabeth @lovelylizzy
@ReverendHale Support the #NO
175.Giles @oldmangiles
@ReverendHale My family has been put in jail #sadday
176. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
@Nurse_francis walking up to @ReverendHale #takeyourtime
177. Francis Nurse @Nurse_francis
@ReverendHale Why not clean up the mistakes of@deputydanforth #bethebetterman #
178.Hale @ReverendHale
What is @oldmangiles wife being charged? #questions #rareanswers
179. Francis Nurse @Nurse_francis
@Putnamwife baby death #sentence #MURDER
180. Hale @ReverendHale
Believe it court system #freewoman #justice #freedom
181. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
Enter @Chevonator to the room #shocked silence
182. Cheeves @ Cheevonator
To all #goodevening @Farmlife_proctor Your wife is drawn to court #BadNews #warrant #sorry
183. Proctor @ Farmlife_proctor
@Cheevonator Promised no charges and who did it
184. Cheeves @Cheevonator
@Abbygirl charged her @lovelylizzy do you have any poppets
185. Elizabeth @lovelylizzy
@Cheevonator I have no poppets except for @Warrenmary
186.Cheever @Cheevonator
@lovelylizzy Would you please come with me #questioning
187. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
@Cheevonator NO @lovelylizzy Get me @Warrenmary
188. Hale @ReverendHale
@Cheevonator What does a poppet signify?
189. Cheever @Cheevonator
@ReverendHale Just see the blade #hiddenblade #poppet blade
190. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
@lovelylizzy coming along @Warrenmary
191. Cheever @Cheevonator
@Warrenmary With the blade in this doll did attempt to kill @Abbygirl #questioning
192. Mary Warren @Warrenmary
@Cheevonator No for I was sewing in court with the needle
193. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
@Farmlife_proctor has torn up the warrant for @lovelylizzy arrest
194. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
What makes the accuser holy? #onesidedfight
195. Narrator @Crucible_Narrator
@lovelylizzy is being taken into custody #rightinthefeels
196. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
@ReverendHale You coward! You did not help us! #therunaway #coward #nocourage
197. Hale @ReverendHale
I apologize @Farmlife_proctor I hope God helps you through
198. Proctor @Farmlife_proctor
@Warrenmary You must testify against @Abbygirl #knowerofthetruth
199. Mary Warren @Warrenmary
I cannot @Farmlife_proctor for they would hate me #HATE #noloveonbothsides
200. Proctor @ Farmlife_proctor
@Warrenmary Why will you not give everyone piece?! #endit

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