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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Joseph McCarthy


Joseph Raymond McCarthy, was

a Senator for Wisconsin from 1947-1957.  He  was born in Grand Chute, Outagamie County, Wisconsin on November 14th 1908. He was very smart; he completed a 4 year college course in only 1 year, and graduated from Marquette University in 1935. He gained a law degree the year he graduated and began practicing. In 1939 he was elected “circuit judge of the tenth judicial circuit of Wisconsin.”  Enlisted in 1942, in the United States Marine Corps and resigned in 1945 as a Lieutenant. Soon he ran for senate but wasn’t voted , but was reelected as a judge. Elected into U.S. Senate in 1946, got reelected and served until his death. McCarthy died May 2, 1957. During his career a senator he was also chairperson to the 83rd congress. He used his position to launch investigations to find and charge communists inside the government, which became his trademark job.

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