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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Neighborhood Essay

Forrest Haydon
Whitney Young HS
English P6
                                                    Hyde Park
This neighborhood seems like a nice place to live. The streets are extremely clean in comparison to the urban city landscape that I am so used to living in. The roads are smooth but not new, bringing a pleasant surprise. There are cars parked outside most homes, something odd in comparison with us, since we park our automobiles in subterranean garages.   There are many homes of all classes, from charming small square ones forming a compound to proud mansions with huge lawns and basketball courts. There is also what seems to be apartments, but not as us city dwellers would know them to be. Many are made of brick or stone, much older than our steel giants. There are a few large buildings spread far apart, cutting into the flat skyline.
The amount of nature is just astounding. There is not one block that has less than 20 trees. Most seem to be of the same kind, the height of a two-to-three story dwelling. There are flower filled grass gardens and lush green parks some as large as a whole block or even more!  These parks vary greatly in many ways, from size to shape and function. The differences seem completely random, as if each person had created their own. Many have sports fields and even large grass expanses, which I have seen used for countless activities for the enjoyment of the many residents of these parts, human and non-alike.
The residents seem very kind around these parts. There are many young adults around the area, normally walking in small groups, carrying backpacks or biking. Most seem happy as they walk; they talk with friends and laugh.  I was curious as to why there were so many young adults in this neighborhood, so I decide to stop a man who looked to be about in his early 50s.
" Hello sir, may I ask you some quick questions about this area?"
" I don't see why not. After all, I do have a lot of time."
"  Why are there so many young adults with the appearance of being in their late teens and early twenties around this beautiful neighborhood?"
" Why, because of the ever so famous U of C of course."
" The U of C?"
" Yes, the great University of Chicago, which is actually where I happen to work at. Most people around this area have some sort of connection with the University; either a professor, former student, or current student at the K-12 school or the actual university."
" Very helpful sir, one last thing. If you had to convince someone to live here in one sentence, what would you say?"
" Well " he ponders, " This area has a gentle academic air, making people all around feel safe and happy, no matter where you’re from."
" Thank you very much."

" My pleasure young man."

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