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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week of 9/06/13 Review

This has been the second week of school.  I am currently happy that I chose to go to Whitney Young.  This week a few things have happened.  Tuesday, I was supposed to have a soccer game but it got cancelled which was quite a disappointment, but on the bright side that day I added a new quote to my favorites list, “I’d be a vegetarian if bacon grew on trees” –Homer Simpson. On Wednesday I got fairly lucky because I went to Quiznos for a sandwich with some fiends and the lady at the counter ended up giving me a free sandwich for no reason, saved me about $6.  Thursday had a soccer game in Oak Park and lost against a top 15 team in the state. Didn’t get home until 9:15! Friday, nothing interesting, just had dinner downtown.

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