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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Week of 5/09/14 Review

This Friday was the boys Freshmen/Sophomore city championship. Whitney Young won 3rd overall, and I ran a 57 second 400meter after completing a 4x200meter. I only had a 1 min 30 sec break, so I ended up getting second to last in that event. My PR was run the weekend before in which I got 55, which would have maybe gotten me around mid-pack, towards the front in the final if I had had several more minutes for a break. I was still happy overall, and am looking forward to next season of track.  I'm very happy that we finally have some good weather, which makes life around here much more enjoyable. People are happy, its good for sports, one can swim at the lake, and it reminds me why I enjoy summer so much.

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