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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week of 5/16/14 Review

This weekend was actually very fun. On Friday I went to a birthday party at a hotel. It was fun, I was the only freshmen from whitney there, everyone else were sophomores. We danced, and just talked to each other and it was really fun. On Saturday I got to wake up late, had breakfast then moved the lawn. It is kind of tedious, because we have a nonelectric mover which means I have to go over it multiple times, then rake and cut some of the grass by hand. I earned some money off of it, and then later that day I did some homework. That evening I went to see Godzilla which was pretty good. Then on Sunday I had to go to a soccer game in Skokie. I played extremely well, and scored the 2 goals in our 2-1 victory. Sunday's performance was a great way to end this great weekend.

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